My cleanses go on CD faster than anything because the conditions in WvW are flying around like mosquitoes irl. Resistance you say? Spell breaker lul scourge lul what resistance? ..The condition is removed independent of the intensity, so stacks and stacks of bleeding are equivalent when considering condition removal. Conditions dealt by converting boons will always have a fixed duration and depend on the boon converted, regardless . Make a nec, maximize your condition damage, lay your field, and GG. These are the three easy steps to succeed in post POF’s WvW. Funny and not funny.. MMORPG News WE GOT NEW MMOS COMING! Lost Ark Beta, Dragon Hound, Astellia, Blade Soul Duration . MMOByte , views.Mesmer Condition Shatter The Official API is experiencing issues skill, trait and item data cannot be loaded at the moment. Note Please note that builds will default to .My logic is based on statistics. Dungeon master is not a Pvp title and hardocre PvP players have no legendaries and no world completion, therefore if i see a guy with Dungeon Master title, PvE star next to his name, Eternity, running some PvE fractal build, my best guess will .This page was last edited on , at . All trademarks and copyrights on this site are owned by their respective owners. MetaBattle content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License..See list of mesmer traits. Equipment Armor . The mesmer is a scholar profession and wears light armor. Weapons . See also detailed list of mesmer weapon skills. Two handed. Greatsword Long ranged weapon with powerful area damage. Its clones and phantasms will be summoned at target’s position to distract the enemies..Best condition damage class build? [Question] self.Guildwars submitted years ago by Hobdy. Hey guys and girls not sure if I’m right here. I was just wondering if you could give me some information about what the best classes and builds are for condition damage. Something easy to learn would be perfect because I only ever used full dps . So I have been playing tons of games lately and have many videos to post I just have to edit and post them all. This game shows me playing condi mirage and trolling far..